The Haulage Hub


The Complete Solution for Trucks, Vans & Load Owners

The Haulage Hub is designed to help you maximize your revenue and build a profitable supply chain business no matter the size. Finding a truck or van for your load takes minutes on our platform and finding loads and extra loads for your truck or van follows the simple process below:

Register Truck or Van

Becoming a member driver requires registration and verification. It is simple and our support team is here to help you get running in minutes. 

Receive Load Alert

As a registered driver you will receive real-time load notification once new load is posted on the platform. This is based on your location and load specification.

Accept a Job

Accept load as soon as you receive load notification for the load to be locked and reserved for you. Remember, the same load notification is sent to other member drivers within your location. 

Deliver Load

Initiate load delivery process on the pick up date and ensure it is delivered on expected date in the load notification you received. Remember, you will be rated based on your delivery efficiency.

Get Paid

Payment is automatically processed within 48 hours after the load is delivered and confirmed by you. Remember to update the delivery status once it is successfully completed.



To post load on the platform for drivers requires registration. It is a simple process and our support team is here to help you get running in minutes.

Post Your Load

Once you have successfully registered, you can begin to post load on the platform for drivers to accept. Posting load is a simple three step process.

Receive Load Acceptance Alert

Once your load is accepted by a driver, you will receive acceptance notification with driver's details and the instruction to initiate payment.

Pay for the Load

As the load owner you will be prompted to make payment and prepare the load for pickup and delivery once a driver accepts.

Your Load is Delivered

Our system ensures that you receive load delivery updates from the very moment your load is picked up, while in transit and once it is delivered. You can also track load directly on the platform using the load reference number.


The Haulage Hub Objectives:

  • Creating a platform that seamlessly connects load owners and trucks/vans in real-time
  • Building a robust load pricing tool that innovatively delivers fair and just pricing for all users
  • Synchronize demand for trucks/vans by load owners and supply of trucks/vans

Making money on The Haulage Hub

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    Registering your vehicle on our platform is the first step towards making money,  increasing the profitability of your logistics business and running efficient supply chain. Providing required information will ensure you receive loads that match your vehicle size and your location.

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    Your Vehicle

    It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is always maintained and in good shape. Regular breakdown and inability to complete load delivery will affect your ratings. This may affect your opportunity to receive load notifications. 

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    The Haulage Hub Mobile App

    The Haulage Hub mobile app ensures you receive load notifications in real-time. It is important to invest in a good mobile phone, download our app and always remember to turn on your phone to enable the platform send you loads you need to grow your business.

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    Load Notifications

    Always remember other drivers receive the same load notifications and loads are reserved for the first driver that accepts the load.

Your Benefits

The Haulage Hub provides the following core values to you:

  • Truck and Van efficiency through "Reverse Logistics", which eliminates dead milleage resulting to more revenue
  • Pricing model that reflects the actual distance covered, weight of the load and changing market forces
  • Effective vehicle and load visibiity, enabling you to run just-in-time distrubution.

Providing First Class Logistics Services Nationwide.

We are dedicated to providing the best technology for logistics and trucking companies. Whether you are a trader looking for trucks and vans to transport your load, a manufacturer looking for an innovative platform to manage your distribution, we have you covered.